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Welcome to the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services’ Autism Waiver Program! The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (MA DDS) has contracted with Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) to act as the Third Party Administrator for the Autism Waiver Program in the State of Massachusetts. The Home and Community-Based Service (HCBS) Waiver Program is a Medicaid program is designed to provide services to help children with autism to remain in their homes and actively participate in their families and in their communities.

Provider Directory

Families and Support Brokers can use this directory to access a complete list of certified providers in the Autism Waiver Program. Providers wishing to be listed on the directory should complete an Application to qualify as a provider of Autism Support Services and submit to a local Autism Support Broker.

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Fiscal Management Service

A Fiscal Management Service, or FMS, is an administrative tool used to help families directly select and arrange for supports & services for their child with community providers. The FMS will act as an intermediary between you and your Support Broker and is responsible for managing approved state funds and administering these funds to certified providers who have delivered services to eligible children. Families with children who are enrolled in the Autism Waiver Program can decide what suits their particular needs. You may want to use the FMS to do many different things, or you may only want a few things. PPL will process timesheets and invoices submitted and ensure that funds are available to pay the provider by matching the timesheet or invoice to a budget approved by DMR. As a FMS, PPL does not hold any decision-making authority in regards to service need or service plan development.

PPL Overview

PPL was established in 1999 as an affiliate of Public Consulting Group (PCG), a national management consulting firm. PCG provides consultation and outsourcing to health and human services organizations that improve their service quality, operations, and fiscal performance. PCG is based in Boston, Massachusetts and has over 500 employees with offices in 21 states. PPL was initially formed to provide assistance to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's national pilot demonstrations in Self-Determination. PPL offers a rich array of fiscal intermediary and related administrative services to public agencies and participants seeking to develop consumer-directed services and supports. Currently, PPL serves more than 20,000 consumers in 14 states.